Weekly Center Events


Weekly Center Events

June 25th & 26th, 2022


Sai Ram!

Loving Sai Ram! May every activity we do this week be filled with Sai Baba’s love!

The Sai Center is working on a NEW Center Website.

The link below will become active once it's ready.

Devotional Information

Please join us in person every Sunday for our weekly devotional activities!

Location: 246 Fluor Daniel Drive Sugarland, TX 77479

Study Circle: 3:00 - 4:15 pm (Until June 19th)

Live Bhajans: 4:30 - 5:30 pm (Until June 19)

PLEASE NOTE:Based on feedback from a recent survey, our center operations will be moved to the morning during Summer.

DATES OF SUMMER TIMINGS: June 26 - August 21.

NEW Summer time Hours of Operation: 

9:30 am - 10:40 am - Jyoti Meditation and Study Circle

11:00 am - 12:30 pm - Announcements, Bhajans, Arati

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Save the Date!

Guru Poornima Celebrations

July 10th @ 9:30 am

Kids R Kids 246 Flour Daniel Drive Sugarland, TX 77479

By 9:20   Seating
9:30 - 10:35 Speaker Session with Anuradha Venkateswaran followed by Q&A
10:45 - 11:00 Opening Prayers & Guru Ashtottram
11:00 - 12:00 YA music program
12:00 - 12: 20 Closing prayers and Arathi
A Boxed To-Go Lunch will be distributed after Arathi

In order to plan for the To-Go lunch boxes after the Guru Poornima Program, please complete this short form so that we can have an idea of how much food to plan for.

Join Us This Sunday June 26th at 9:30 am at the Center.

Study Circle Topic:

Aradhana Day Study Guide

Click on the Image above to view

Would you like to offer a bhajan to Bhagawan on YOUR special day?

Now You Can!  Click on the link below to sign up on the date of your choosing!


Would your family like to offer Aarthi on Sunday afternoon?

Now You Can! Simply sign your name on the signup sheet on the bulletin board in the entry foyer of the center for the date of your chosing.

Center Seva Opportunity


Looking for Men, Women, Young Adults, Teenagers to help with Altar Decorations and be a part of the Altar team.

Interested devotees, please contact Sis. Bindu.


Young Adult Happenings


Turning point & Harmony House
- Hot Lunch by YAs
Sat June 25th

In light of the recent spike of COVID cases, Subway sandwiches will be ordered & delivered to Turning Point Center  & Harmony House.

For more information,  please call Sis. Lakshmi at 346-314-0827 or
Bro. Aravind at 713-714-7919
(No text messages, please)

Service Opportunities

NEED FOR OLD LAPTOPS & PRINTERSExchange program to get new laptops & a printer for Afghan Refugee Students. Please reach out to Sister Ashwitha 917-994-0306

Community Gardening
at Cleme Manor
(5300 Coke Street, Houston TX 77020)
Sat. June 25th at 10 am

Volunteers are needed for tending the garden.

We look forward to having more SSE kids.

Activity is followed by light breakfast.

For More Information and/or to participate, please call
Sis. Ashwitha at 917-994-0306.
(No text messages, please)



Food rescue seva

 Sun. June 26th morning

Devotees rescue baked goods from Kroger and deliver to area shelters in need.

To participate in this seva and be food rescuer,
please call
Bro. Sridhar at 724-405-7788.

(No text messages, please)


As you might be aware, the state of Louisiana had been greatly impacted by the Category 4 Hurricane Ida causing significant damage.

Hurricane Ida is the fifth largest hurricane to hit US main land in recorded history. SSSIO has initiated a national supplies drive to help our brothers and sisters suffering the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.

Announcing SaiRelief.org website, a simple web-based application to manage supply drives for current & future needs.

Interested in helping those in need? 

On the website, we have set up 3 events. Each event is aimed at serving one or two communities.

We are praying to support all the communities listed for their supply needs. A relief supply effort of this scale requires participation and support from all members of SAI family.

The Go-Green What's App Group!

  • Are you passionate about being a good steward of the planet?

  • Do you feel that you would like to learn more or do more to help protect the Earth?

  • Does taking care of the Earth sound like a worth cause to you?

If you said yes to any of the above questions, then this group is for you!

Please take a moment to fill out a short Google form to join the ever growing group of Earth Avengers!

SSE News

Have an Enjoyable, Safe and Saiful Summer!!!With Love, Your SSE Teachers

Mark your calendars!

Additional Details will be coming soon!

Cards Of Love Seva

Make and send sympathy and encouragement cards to families that lost loved one at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX.


For more information, please contact Sis. Upasana.

Interested in joining the Vibrant & Dynamic SSE team?

We are excited to return to in person SSE class this fall semester. We cant wait to enjoy the splendor of all things SSE in person.

We would love to have you as part of our vibrant, loving and united SSE teaching family.

Kindly click on the button below to fill out a brief form to join the SSE teaching family this 2022-2023 year.

We cant wait to welcome you to the team!


SSE Student Registration

Please call Sis. Upasana at 210-290-9481.
(No text messages, please)

SSE Portal

Click the link below to join the SSE Zoom meeting on Sunday at 2:40 pm.
SSE Portal

SSE Prayer Book

Check out the all new online SSE prayer book!

Kid-Friendly.   Access from anywhere.   At your fingertips.

Your child can find a prayer that was taught in SSE to use daily or nightly.

SSE Bhajan Filing Cabinet

Check out the all new online SSE Bhajan storage system!

Easy.   Kid-Friendly.   Access from anywhere.   At your fingertips.

Your child can find a bhajan that was taught in SSE to practice and sing quickly and easily!

Regional/Nat'l/Int'l Events


Center Facilities Search

Our Kids R Kids facility management has indicated that they are needing the overflow rooms for computer labs.
The lab is permanently not accessible for our devotional activities.

Therefore, we are beginning the search for a new facility for our weekly center operation.


     • Rentals only.

     • Large hall that can accommodate up to 150 people.

     • About 10 classrooms for SSE.

Church facilities and Montessori schools are typically a good match for our needs but we're open to all options.

Devotees with information about such rental facilities are requested to pass on information to Brother Ramprasad.

Contact:Ramprasad Vijayagopal 832-895-1417


Sai Region 10 Labor Day Retreat

Sat. Sept 3 - Mon. Sept 5

Registration is now open!!!
See Link below video.

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Click on the image above to view

Check out this issue of Eternal Companion!

This month’s issue focuses on:

  • Swami's Discourse on Always being Happy and Peaceful,

  • The story of Swami and the picture of Jesus,

  • An inspiring letter to a longtime devotee from Sri Sathya Sai, and

  • The unique personal experiences of devotees involving Faith and the Power of the Gayatri Mantra.

In addition, it includes inspiring articles on

  • Service activities around the world,

  • The glory of womanhood,

  • Ideal Sai Young Adults, and

  • Sathya Sai Education.

The article on the history of the SSSIO of Latin America Part 1 outlines the beginnings and continuing growth of the Sathya Sai Organization in Mexico and El Salvador.

Click on the image above to view

Check out all the wonderful Seva taking place in the US that's spotlighted in the APRIL 2022 edition.

Prashanthi Mandir Live

Prashanthi Mandir Live

See Schedule below

Listen to Vedam, Bhajans and Aarthi performed in Sai Kulwant Hall while it is happening live.

Morning Session: Vedam Chanting: 8 - 9 am IST/ 8:30 - 9:30 pm CST Bhajan & Aarthi: 9 - 9:30 am IST/9:30 - 10 pm CST

Evening Session: Vedam Chanting: 5 - 5:45 pm IST/ 5:30 - 6:15 am CST Bhajan & Aarthi: 5:45 - 6:30 pm IST/6:15 - 7 am CST

Sai Cares

Sai Cares is a free and Confidential help line for devotees who need assistance with personal challenges or needs. 

Click on the image below to view the flyer.

To contact center officers regarding feedback please email at saicenterswh@gmail.com. Click the icon of the envelope letter  to send an email via your phone.