Devotional Wing

 The following quote by Sathya Sai Baba defines the path of devotion and its importance in our lives.

“We can describe devotion as the promotion of a sacred mind in a selfless manner, in the thought of God. The path of devotion will take along your mind, body and action toward God. As the river flows into the ocean, the river of your life should flow into the ocean of God. Human nature should have this as the sacred objective. Truly, having attained human birth, if we are unable to take ourselves toward God, it is useless attaining this birth.”

In Sathya Sai Centers and across the SSIO, devotional activities include study circle, devotional singing, prayer, and meditation, as well as observing important events. Schedules for devotional activities vary by Sai Center. Everyone is welcome to participate in any of the devotional programs or any other SSIO and Sai Center activities .

For more information about devotional programs in Sai Centers across Region 10, USA, visit our Sai Centers page. To find about Sai Center activities anywhere in the world, please visit Sathya Sai International Organization website.