Dallas Sai Spiritual Education

Dallas Sai Spiritual Education
With the grace and blessings of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Baba, we are very excited to start yet another SSE year. Thank you for registering your children in SSE. We hope that you all have seen the center announcement that went out today. Based on the member's input a decision was made to continue the Devotional session in person at CUCC location. Devotional session constitutes of Bhajans, Study circle & Vedam learning. SSE team is currently evaluating safe and secure options for SSE classes.
Please join all parent mandatory meeting on August 13th, 2023 to be informed about:
  • SSE orientation for new and existing parents.
  • SSE mode of operation for year 2023-24.

  • Participation options: Fill the short survey to pick your choice: Link: SSE Parent Mandatory meeting RSVP
  • In person at CUCC, 2875 E Parker Rd, Plano, TX-75074.
  • Zoom option, link will be sent to only the opted participants.
  • Please note that this meeting is only for parents. SSE students are not required to be at the center for parent orientation. SSE classes will start after Labor Day weekend. We request that at least one parent attend the meeting.
    Please join "SSE 20223-24 Communication group" WhatsApp communication group.

    This group is administered by the SSE coordinators and will be used to send generic announcements pertaining to all classes.

    About Us

    Bal Vikas means, literally, “blossoming of the child.”
    Bal Vikas or Sai Spiritual Education (SSE) as the program is known outside of India encourages children to live by the ancient truths or Sanathana Dharma that Sri Sathya Sai Baba, by His life and message, exemplifies.

    The primary objective of the program is to awaken the latent divine qualities within each child. This is done gradually, through an emphasis on the cardinal human values of Truth, Right Action, Love, Peace and Nonviolence. The teaching is a process of what Sri Sathya Sai Baba speaks of as educare- knowledge revealed from within. One of the most important factors in the process is the teacher him or herself: the SSE teacher must be a living example of the values and virtues being taught.


    To inspire & nurture the innate human values of Love, Peace, Truth, Right Conduct and Non-Violence in each student, thus ensuring the End of Education is Character!

    Curriculum Info

    • PreBalvikas
      Goals: Stories of the Lord
      Life Application:
      Lesson Plans:
      Human Values/Sub Values

    • Group 1 Years 1 - 3
      Goals: Understanding Yourself
      Life Application: Doing
      Lesson Plans: Human Values/Sub Values

    • Group 2 Years 1 - 3
      Goals: Understanding Others
      Life Application: Thinking
      Lesson Plans: Self to Creation (Year 1);
      WATCH (Year 2); Unity of Faiths (Year 3)

    • Group 3 Years 1 - 3
      Goals: Realizing Yourself
      Life Application: Planning
      Lesson Plans: Ceiling on Desires (Year 1);
      5Ds, 4Fs & Sai Literature (Years 2 - 3)

    • Group 4 Girls/ Boys
      Goals: Inspiring Others
      Life Application: Integration
      Lesson Plans: Sai Literature; Leadership

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