Sathya Sai Region 10, USA

Labor Day Retreat – Service Activity

Welcome to SAI Region10 USA Labor Day Retreat Event.

The following are some of the Service Activities present at the Camp site.

  • Kitchen Area – This service activity will involve assisting with food distribution to SSE and Adults in a well disciplined manner for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Timing: Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
  • Stage Setup and Cleanup Activities – This service activity will involve setting up stage, arranging electronic media, setup of seating arrangements & finally clean up of the stage on the concluding day. Timing: Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
  • Campsite Activities – This service will involve assisting with any campsite events such as: Nagar-Sankeertans, Family Time, etc. Timing: Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
  • Registration Desk – This service activity will involve check-in of registrants at the campsite,  welcoming attendees and distribution of welcome kits. Timing: Friday, Saturday.
  • Library – This service activity will involve sale of Books, Music CDs, etc. Timing: Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
  • Ushering Guests – This service activity will involve welcoming guests and providing information related to the Retreat. Timing: Friday, Saturday.
  • Parking / Main Gate Support – This service activity will involve managing movement of vehicles in the Parking Lot and vehicles entering/exiting the Campsite during the Retreat event days.  Timing: Friday, Saturday.
  • SSE Volunteering – Volunteer opportunity to assist with activities related to  SSE events. Timing: Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
  • Luggage Support – This group will assist with transporting devotees’ luggage from the parking lots, registration area to their Cabins / Motels.  Timing: Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
  • Camp Cleanup –  This group will assist in restoring the Camp to original condition after the event closing day.  Timing: Sunday.
  • Devotional Hall Maintenance – This group will assist in Maintenance of the devotion hall, including assistance with Audio/Video, setup of seating, etc. Timing: Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
  • Shoe Service – This service will involve arranging and maintaining the footwear in an orderly fashion.  Timing: Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
  • Regional service activity – This group will meet for a group service project such as making blankets, assembling food bags, etc. Timing: Saturday.
  • Photography – Photography of programs throughout the retreat. Timing: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Audio/Video – Audio/video coverage of programs throughout the retreat. Timing: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Others

As we get closer to the Retreat, a co-ordinator for each category will be in touch with you to request your participation based on your interest and availability. Please note that you do not have to be available on all the days for the Service Activities above.

For more details contact Registration Team or your nearest Sai Center Service coordinator.