Sathya Sai Region 10, USA

2016 Labor Day Retreat Videos

Please click below Video links from 2016 Labor Day retreat (Sep 3rd & 4th)

  1. Dr. Shashank Shah – Understanding true surrender – Talk given at the on Saturday, Sept 3rd
  2. Dr. Shashank Shah – The Journey to Self Realization – Talk given at the on Sunday, Sept 4th
  3. Sis. Suja Josiam – Service Presentation – Presentation on Service activities on Saturday, Sept 3rd
  4. Sai Sisters (Karen & Meryl) – Musical Presentation on Saturday, Sept. 4th
  5. Sai Sisters (Karen & Meryl) – Satsang on Sunday, Sept 4th
  6. YA Program – Musical Rendition by YAs on Saturday, Sept 3rd
  7. Q&A Session – Q&A session on Sunday, Sept 4th

Note: Video of Ghandikota bros is not available as requested by speakers. Sorry for the inconvenience!


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