Sathya Sai Region 10, USA

Unison Bhajans



Lord Unites

We Are One In Love

Chant The Name

Sairam Hear My Call 

Love Is My Form

Every Moment Of My Life, Please Be With Me

Lord Sathya Sai

In The Garden Of My Heart

Know That The Lord

At Your Feet Dear Lord

Come Sai Lord Incarnate

Repeat His Name

You Are My Mother

O Lord Purify Me

Shiva Nataraj Nataraj We Surrender

Like The Sunlight

Remind Me My Lord



Ayodhya Vasi Ram

Punya Nam Pavitra Nam

Bada Chittha Chora Brindavana Sanchara

Anjaneya Veera Hanumantha Sura

Narayana Hari Nama Bhajore

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