Sathya Sai Region 10, USA

Sathya Sai Center of South Houston


Study Circle: Saturdays 3-4 PM
SSE Classes: Sundays 2:40 – 4:15 PM
Bhajans: Sundays 4:30 – 6:00 PM

Welcome to the Sathya Sai Center of South Houston. Our center has various ongoing activities in the Devotional, Service, SSE and Young adult wings. On account of Covid-19 situation, our weekly center activities have migrated to online format. Information about the scheduled activities in different wings are available in the monthly calendar below. The links called out below provide details of each program and contact information of coordinators.

Devotees are highly encouraged to join the online programs. We invite new devotees to contact council members to be included in center membership.

“ Devotees are requested to communicate about the welfare of their families in these covid times. Kindly correspond with us if any help is needed. “


  • Contact: Ramprasad Vijayagopal (President) at 832-830-4663

Center Office Bearers 

Designation Name
President Ramprasad Vijayagopal
Vice President Disha Saharia
Devotional Coordinator Bindu Kumar
SSE Coordinator Upasana Ramlal
Service Coordinator Ashwitha Krishnakumar
YA Coordinator Male Arvind Ramachandra
YA Coordinator Female Lakshmi Kesavan
YA Female Advisor Ajaya Sonde


National and Regional Communications:

Read Media Bulletin – Sai Connections (‘link to Media Bulletin’)

SSSIO Maha Shivratri bhajans are on March 11th for 24 hrs-

SSIO-US Region 10 Maha Shivratri bhajans are on Saturday March 13th from 7pm- 12   am-

Regional Go-green initiative

For our first Region 10 Go Green activity, the chosen activity is Gardening and Composting as our offering for Earth day and Aradhana day this April. Since it’s Springtime, it will be just perfect to begin this activity now!

We have created a form to get the pulse of those who will be interested. Here is the link – 

National Women’s Day mini- retreat- 

Please register for National Women’s Day mini retreat March 27th, 3-6 pm at

Aradhana Day Offering-

 Hurricane Laura caused immense damage and devastation in the Lake Charles area in 2020. The hurricane along with the COVID pandemic has depleted the food banks in the area as well. 

Let us come together in the spirit of unity, with love in our hearts and help with some of the needs in that area as an Aradhana Day offering by raising food and hygiene products for those affected. List of items and drop off points at this link- ARADHANA DAY OFFERING 2021

Devotional Activities:

Video for – How to create bhajan recording for sunday bhajans (  Workshop Recording Link)
For online Bhajans and Study circle,  please use the link for Weekly activities included at the start of the page.

Service Activities:

Our Core sevas include contactless Narayana sevas for the first three Sundays of the month. Special sevas include the service of the month and Go Green sevas. Please click the links below for more details and contact information.

First Colony & Hwy 6 Sandwich Seva – First Sunday of the month at 8:30 am (First Colony & Hwy 6 Seva Link )
New Territory Sandwich Seva – Second Sunday of the month at 8:30 am ( New Territory Sandwich Seva Link )
Katy Sandwich Seva – Third Sunday of the month at 8:30 am ( Katy Sandwich Seva Link )
Katy Breakfast Seva – First Saturday of the month at 7:30 am ( Katy Breakfast Seva Link )
Sugar Land Breakfast Seva – Third Saturday of the month at 7:30 am ( Sugar Land Breakfast Seva Link)

SSE Activities:

SSE classes for the spring 2021 session have started. Kindly contact SSE coordinator Sister Upasana Ramlal (832-416-4458) for new enrollments.

YA Activities:

Our center has a vibrant young adult group that actively conducts seva and devotional activities. YA meet-ups and monthly study circles specific to Young Adult topics are conducted every month. YA led sevas include the turning point hot lunch seva.

Turning point Hot Lunch SevaFourth Saturday of the month at 9:30 am ( Turning Point Seva Link )


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