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Bring Your Own (BYO)

Sathya Sai Center of Austin has so far successfully implemented the BYO (Bring Your Own) initiative since January, 2018. BYO Initiative is mainly to practice “Reuse” not only at family level but also at the center level. As part of this initiative, for all Sai Center Satsangs where food is involved, members are requested to bring their own cutlery and plates.

The idea is to limit disposables and use reusable items (plates, spoons etc.) to minimize the amount of trash generated. We seek Swami’s guidance as we embark on this new initiative.

How BYO works?

1. BYO kit consists of a washable bag, plate, spoon/fork, bowl, glass/water bottle, and a napkin.
2. It is also ok to carry a personal pyrex/plastic box(Lunch box) in place of a plate.
3. After using them few volunteers will help to collect leftovers in a compostable bag.
4. While, we do the initial cleaning of items, members Carry their BYO kit back home and clean it fully.
5. If members wish to take leftovers, we urge them to do so in one or two containers and avoid using ziplocs etc.,


For more details about this initiative please contact Sister Kiranmayi –



Sathya Sai Center of Austin is in the process of working on initiating the new projects in the City and Neighborhood to plant trees and/or clean parks etc.,

Also, there is an interest in few members with the Sai Garden Project to start in Austin.

Sai Gardening Project documents: Link

For more details about this initiative please contact Brother Ketan Kharod –

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