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Dr.Supriya Rao – Bio

Dr. Supriya Rao is an independent social science researcher and development consultant. She has in the past, taught post graduate courses in Political Science and Sociology at the University of Delhi, and at the School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi. In her role as a documentation and image development consultant in the social sector, Dr. Rao has worked with a large number of women’s organizations and unorganized women’s groups in Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Jharkhand. She has been an integral part of Non‐governmental organizations like Nirnaya Women’s Fund, India, Foundations for Peace, Ireland and has represented them at international forums like the Association for Women’s Rights in Development. She has also provided consultancy services for organizations such as Confederation of Indian Industries and PLAN, India.

Her family has been an intimate part of Swami’s fold for the last three generations. From the first written letter to her doctoral thesis on New Age Religion, her course of life has been chartered by the unseen yet clearly seen guidance of Swami. Prompted by this very guidance, Dr. Supriya has integrated her professional training with the pursuit of self‐transformative education..

Gradually, motivated by Swami and led by her own life experiences, Dr. Rao developed a deep interest and passion for alternate healing and transformative education. She has since, worked extensively with Reiki, EFT, Landmark Education, Acupuncture, mind‐body therapies and symbol work. From years of practice and self-contemplation and some quiet moments of inspiration, she has evolved her own methods and approach to self‐transformation.

These are based on the fundamental principle that bringing awareness to the inside is the only solution to finding balance on the outside. Her style is holistic, people‐friendly, honest yet compassionate. With her unruffled calm and penetrating insight, she helps people deconstruct their lives’ myths and meanings in order that they may simply be themselves and truly enjoy the gift of life. For her, spirituality is not a lofty ideal to escape into but rather essential wisdom that helps one to float through life, deeply involved, yet unscathed.

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