Sathya Sai Region 10, USA

Food Rescue Initiative

With Swami’s grace, the South Houston Sai Center made a good start for Food Rescue Initiative 2017. As of 2017 Q2, there are 20+ Sai Center volunteers who have joined the Food Rescue Initiative.

food_rescue_2017Link to the Food Rescue Initiative:

They have completed Food wastage Survey. In addition to volunteers, the center has identified 4 potential donor organizations and actively pursuing one of them to initiative donations. The center is working with Second Servings of Houston and rescuing approximately 160 lbs of bread every Saturday. This is integrated with Bread & Sandwich service activity on Sunday. The Sandwich bags are delivered to Turning point, Women’s Shelter and Downtown.







In addition to this, the center has identified one new recipient “The Ballard House” to bring food in Katy.

For more information about the Initiative, please watch this video here

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